Security Features

When you need to guard against unauthorized participation in your conference calls, or protect yourself from disruptive participants, TurboBridge provides several tools and options to ensure productive, secure conferences. You can specify an extra level of security by requiring User IDs or Security Passcodes to limit the risk of unauthorized entry, or monitor and manage participation with the Host Control Panel, audible entry alerts, and Host Keypad Commands.

There's no need to worry about secret “eavesdropping” or “hacking” into your conferences – the TurboBridge system allows you to detect all of the parties in the conference, “lock out” new entrants once you have confirmed invited participants, and either prevent unrecognized callers from joining your conference or drop unknown callers once they arrive. In practice, TurboBridge very rarely receives reports of unauthorized use of conference lines or unauthorized participation – regardless, we provide you with the power to secure your conferences.

Extra Security Features
  •  Changeable Conference IDs
  •  Audible Entrant Alerts
  •  Announce Entrant Name
  •  View Participant List Online
  •  Validated User IDs
  •  Host-Specified Security Passcodes
  •  Conference Lock
  •  Mute & Drop Callers
  •  Caller ID Blacklist
  •  Anonymous Caller Block
  •  Forced Conference Termination

See Help for instructions on using these features.

Change your conference codes as often as you like.

Most TurboBridge customers re-use their Conference IDs for all their calls. However, you can change your Conference ID as often as you wish, so that participants on prior conference calls can't join your next call unless they know the revised Conference ID. You can specify your own Conference ID (5 to 10 digits in length) and Host PIN through the online Account Portal.

Hear alerts when new participants arrive.

You can specify a chime to play when callers join or leave your conferences, so you'll know when a new participant arrives. With the Record Name feature, callers are prompted to record their name, which the system can announce when they join the conference.

Prevent unauthorized use by requiring participation by the host.

You can configure the conference settings to require the arrival of the host before participants are placed into a live conference call. (Callers are placed on hold, pending the host arrival.) With this setting enabled, nobody can use your conference line without your participation. (You designate yourself as a host by entering your secret 4-digit Host PIN.)

See who is on your conference calls.

The Host Control Panel includes a dashboard that displays a list of all the participants connected into your conference, displaying the caller's phone number, location (based on the caller's phone number), and name (if available). The dashboard allows you to mute or drop any of the participants. The dashboard displays voice activity detection, to help you identify who is speaking during the conference.

Validate caller identities with pre-assigned User IDs.

You can assign unique codes to invited participants, which they will be prompted to enter when they join your conference. User IDs provide a validated identity, so you know who is on your conference call, without relying on Caller ID for identification purposes.

Require an extra Security Passcode for sensitive conference calls.

When an extra layer of security is desired, you can activate the Security Passcode feature. The host distributes this special passcode in advance to the invited participants, who will be prompted enter the passcode in order to join a particular conference call. (Unlike User IDs, all participants would enter the same Security Passcode for that call.)

Lock your conference once you have confirmed attendees.

Using the Host Control Panel or a Host Keypad Command, you can lock out new entrants from joining your active call. Or, if you need to drop a disruptive or uninvited guest, you can lock the conference so they can't dial back in.

Block unwanted callers from joining your conferences.

You can establish a blacklist of Caller ID phone numbers to prevent those callers from joining your calls, or block all anonymous callers.

Terminate your conferences instantly, so that participants can’t linger after you leave.

You can specify that all conferences end when you depart as the host. Or you can use the Host Control Panel or Keypad Command to force the end of the conference.