Accessing TurboBridge From Outside the USA

TurboBridge provides several options for participants who are outside the U.S.A. to join conference calls. We provide local dial-in numbers in over 60 countries, plus options using a computer, tablet or smartphone over high-speed Internet connection. We would like to provision dial-in numbers in all major countries, but due to economic and regulatory constraints, we do not have access to phone numbers in most countries in Africa and the Middle East, and many countries in Asia and Latin America. In these countries, participants may be able to connect over the Internet (given a suitable high-speed connection), though in most cases they will need to make an international long distance call (at their expense) to a local TurboBridge dial-in number in the U.S.A. (These calls are priced at standard Toll Access rates on your TurboBridge account, the same as calls originated in the USA.)

Connect by Phone


You can make an international long distance call to the USA dial-in toll number (a “toll number” is a number with a geographic area code, such as +1-774-450-9900, where callers pay their own applicable long distance charges). You will be charged by your phone company for the cost of an international long distance call to the United States.


TurboBridge offers more than 120 local dial-in numbers in over 60 countries. Click here for the list of available dial-in numbers. These are standard phone numbers, and you may be charged by your phone company for calls to these numbers. However, in most countries, there is no charge when making local calls. (Note that your TurboBridge account will be charged 3¢ per minute for calls to these numbers.)


TurboBridge presently offers Toll-Free Access from Canada and the United Kingdom. You can use the same toll-free dial-in number in Canada as callers in the USA. There is no charge to the caller, and your TurboBridge account is assessed a per-minute charge associated with your selected billing plan (in most cases, 2¢ per minute). From the UK, callers can dial toll-free to 0800.520.0390. Your TurboBridge account is billed 5¢ per minute for callers who dial the UK toll-free number. (Note that you can disable Toll-Free Access on your conference bridge via the Account Portal if you do not want to incur these charges.)

Dialing USA Toll-Free Numbers outside the USA and Canada. Note that many foreign phone companies allow callers to make calls to USA toll-free numbers. However, these calls are usually not free to the caller, and are generally billed at the same rate as dialing a non-toll-free number in the USA. We advise you to call a standard USA dial-in number (such as +1-774-450-9900), so that you don't incur higher per-minute rates for Toll-Free Access on your TurboBridge account.)

Connect by High-Speed Internet

You may be able to connect through your computer (we advise using a headset to minimize echo and background noise) using one of the following options. Note that in some areas, you may encounter choppy audio or latency (delay between the time you speak and when the other parties hear you) caused by the routing over the public Internet. Most conference calls are hosted on servers located in the USA, and many factors can affect the quality of voice-over-Internet calls. Also, note that voice-over-Internet (VoIP) is not lawful for international calling in some countries, and Internet Service Providers may block these calls.


TurboBridge WebCall allows you to connect directly through your web browser. Click here for additional information on using WebCall. There is no charge to the caller for using WebCall, but your TurboBridge account may be charged 1¢ per minute, depending on your selected pricing plan. There is no per-minute charge with flat rate plans.

International Connection Options