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How It Works

TurboBridge provides a “meet-me” conferencing service, where all parties dial into our system. No special equipment is required, and most callers dial in with standard landline or mobile phones, though callers could also connect through a computer.

Things to Know to Get Started

  • No reservations are needed.
  • You may use any of the TurboBridge dial-in numbers.
  • Your Conference ID uniquely identifies your “conference room”.
  • A Host is not required, unless you change the Conference Start setting to require one. To join as a Host, press star (*) instead of pound (#) after you enter the Conference ID.
  • 1,000 callers can join your conference call.


To any TurboBridge access number.


Enter Your Conference ID

You will be prompted to enter this code, which links you to your assigned “room”.



# to join as Participant (you will then enter conference)

* to join as Host (you will then be prompted for the Host PIN)

Other Things You Can Do With TurboBridge

You have access to a full range of capabilities and tools to optimize your conference calls.

  • Record your conference calls at no extra charge. Enable Dial-in Playback.
  • Require the arrival of the Host before the conference begins.
  • Allow participants to connect into your calls via the Internet using WebCall.
  • Manage your settings and monitor live conferences with the Host Control Panel.
  • Specify additional security to restrict unauthorized participation in your conferences.
  • Control audience participation and limit background noise by using special Conference Modes.
  • Receive free email conference reports listing participants.

Conference Bridge:  A line or “room” that will accommodate one conference call at a time. To support multiple simultaneous conference calls, you need multiple bridges. On one TurboBridge account, you can establish multiple conference bridges (each with a unique conference ID.)

Conference ID:  The unique access code that identifies your conference bridge. You choose this 5-10 digit identifier, and callers enter it to reach your conferences. The code stays the same unless you change it.

Host PIN:  An extra four digit numeric code used to designate conference leaders. Hosts can control speaking privileges and access to the Host Control Panel. You can have multiple hosts on a conference call (sharing the same Host PIN).

Toll Dial In Number:  A standard telephone number with a geographic area code, such as (774) 450-9900, that callers use to join a TurboBridge conference call. A number may be local to some, while other callers will pay applicable long distance charges to their phone service provider.

Toll-Free Dial In Number:  An 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833 telephone number, such as (800) 309-2350, that participants use to join a TurboBridge conference call. Callers who dial a toll free number are not charged any long distance fees, instead the charge is paid by the called party.

See Help for detailed instructions for managing and using the service.