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Customize Your Conferencing Service

Need to host a large conference call to announce a new product? Want to create a great impression for a potential client? Trying to make it as easy as possible for your guest to join the conference call? Paranoid about unauthorized participation on your board call? Frustrated by disruptive background noises, beeps, and announcements while you're trying to speak? Can't seem to track down the IT guy to adjust the settings on your conference bridge? Need to manage an orderly question and answer session during your teleseminar, without the exorbitant expense of operator-assisted conferencing? Want all your conference calls automatically recorded?

TurboBridge puts the tools at your command to make your conferences work the way you want. You can fully manage your TurboBridge account online with the Account Portal and Host Control Panel, and control your conference calls via your phone using Host Keypad Commands.

Manage Your TurboBridge Account

Choice of “Pay-per-Use” or “Flat Rate” Pricing.

If you host frequent conferences with many participants, you can pay a low fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage (using a local dial-in number) with the Flat Rate plan. For others, the Value plan suits a wide range of scenarios, including one-time calls.

Enable Multiple Administrators to Manage Your Account.

Larger organizations often have multiple administrators, who can create, delete, and edit bridges assigned to employees or departments, monitor usage, and manage payment options.

Create Multiple Conference Bridges

Sharing the same conference line? With TurboBridge, you can create multiple conference bridges, so that you don't have to coordinate schedules or worry about overlapping conference calls.

Make It Easy – Or Difficult – To Join Your Conferences

Many Conference Access Options From Anywhere

TurboBridge offers local dial-in numbers throughout the USA and in over 60 countries around the world, plus toll-free dial-in numbers in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. In areas where local numbers are unavailable, participants can connect using a high-speed Internet connection with TurboBridge WebCall.

Require Host Participation – Or Not

You have the option of keeping callers on hold pending the arrival of the Host (identified with a unique Host PIN), so that nobody can use your conference line without your participation. Or, you can configure your line so that a Host is not required, allowing conferences to begin as soon as the second party arrives.

Require Participants to Enter a Passcode – Or Not

The standard option prompts all callers to enter a Conference ID code to connect to a particular conference call. (You can change the Conference ID as often as you wish, or retain it for all your conferences.) For an extra monthly fee, you can get a custom dial-in number linked to your Conference ID, so that callers do not have to enter a passcode to join your conferences.

Require Extra Entry Security For Important Conferences

TurboBridge provides a number of options to limit unauthorized attendance, including pre-designated, validated User IDs and Security Codes, plus options to block specific callers. See Security Features for details.

Optimize Your Conference Calls

Announce Participant Arrival and Departure

You can specify audible alerts when callers join or leave your conference, including an option to have the system record and announce the participant's name. Alternatively, you can turn these off by modifying the default settings, or using the Host Control Panel or a Host Keypad Command.

Automatically Mute Participants

TurboBridge provides multiple Conference Modes that control the participant speaking privileges. “Presentation Mode” is a listen-only mode where only the Hosts can be heard, while non-Hosts are muted and cannot un-mute themselves. “Question & Answer Mode” initially mutes non-Hosts, but allows them to un-mute themselves to join the conversation. There are also options to place some participants on hold, so that others can engage in a private conversation. Mute status can be changed using the Host Control Panel or Host Keypad Commands.

Manage an Orderly Question & Answer Session Without an Expensive Operator

You can ask callers to enter a keypad command to “raise their hands” to ask a question while the conference is in listen-only mode. Using a keypad command or the Host Control Panel, you can un-mute callers one at a time to solicit their question or input. You can also use the feature for simple audience polling to get instant feedback during a conference (e.g., “raise your hand if you agree with the proposal”).

Play a Recorded Announcement Upon Arrival

You can use the Conference Announcement feature to record your own greeting, disclaimer or announcement that callers will hear before joining your conference calls. You can create, update, or remove the announcement 24x7 with just a phone call. Use it to notify callers about last-minute rescheduling, play a promotional message, or provide special instructions for caller participation in the conference. There is no charge for this feature.

Custom Number Option

For an additional $10 a month, choose a personalized dial-in number that provides an extra level of customization.
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  • Custom Welcome Greeting
    Step up your image with professional branding! Our voice talent will record your greeting so it seamlessly flows with all other system prompts. Just provide us with the text.
  • Codeless Entry
    Just dial a phone number to join! Link each bridge to a dedicated dial in number and your callers won't have to enter a code – they will dial the number and go directly into your conference call.
  • Local Phone Number
    You can choose a number in most major U.S. cities, for an extra $10 monthly charge.
  • Personalized Hold Music or Message
    Add a splash of personality to your conferences, playing your chosen music while participants are on hold, or callers can listen to your pre-recorded message while they wait.