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Custom Number Option

Easy Connections with Professional Branding

Just $19.95 per month!

TurboBridge gives you the option to distribute a codeless, dedicated conference dial-in number, customized with your own personal welcome greeting.

Instead of using TurboBridge's shared dial-in numbers, your callers can join your conference calls by dialing a phone number established for your exclusive use. Your custom dial-in number can be either a regular phone number (where callers pay their own long distance charges) or a toll-free number. Callers are greeted with your personalized welcome announcement. We will professionally record your greeting for you, or you can provide us with your own recorded version.

Codeless Entry Option.  You can use your dedicated dial-in number for multiple conference bridges (or even across multiple TurboBridge accounts), where callers would hear your greeting and be prompted for a Conference ID code. Alternatively, you can link your custom dial-in number to a specific conference bridge, and have all callers enter directly into your conference call without needing to input the Conference ID. That's one less number to distribute, one less number to remember, and fewer keystrokes for your guests!

The Codeless Entry feature pairs well with User IDs if you want to validate your pre-registered participants. Using a Custom Number, participants only have to enter a single code (their unique User ID), without the additional step of providing a Conference ID.

Personalized Hold Music.  You can provide us with your own audio recording (music file or promotional recording) for callers to hear while they wait for the conference to begin. (There is a 5-minute limit on the recording, which plays in a loop.) Many Custom Number subscribers take advantage of this feature to further brand the caller experience.

Enhanced Customization.  With Custom Numbers, you have extra flexibility to suppress normal system announcements or disable participant keypad commands. While TurboBridge offers significant standard flexibility to customize the configuration for specific conference bridges, there is an extra layer of customization available with custom dial-in numbers. For instance, we can provision a separate dial-in number for guest Hosts, so that they automatically join with Host speaking privileges, without the requirement to share your private Host PIN.

Get a Local Dial-in Number for $29.95 per month.  We can activate phone numbers immediately in most major USA cities. Phone numbers are generally available in any of the cities listed among our standard USA dial-in numbers. If you do not request a local phone number, you will be assigned an out-of-area phone number from our inventory. Contact us for more information about getting a phone number in a particular area.

Your Own Dial-in Number
  • Custom Welcome Greeting
    Step up your image with professional branding! Our voice talent will record your greeting so it seamlessly flows with all other system prompts. Just provide us with the text.
  • Codeless Entry
    Just dial a phone number to join! Link each bridge to a dedicated dial in number and your callers won't have to enter a code – they will dial the number and go directly into your conference call.
  • Local Phone Numbers Available
    You can choose a number in most major U.S. cities, for $10 extra per month.
  • Personalized Hold Music
    Add a splash of personality to your conferences, playing your chosen music while participants are on hold.
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