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Conferencing Features

TurboBridge provides all the features you're looking for in a conferencing service. Settings can be customized for each conference bridge and modified during live conference calls using a Keypad Command or the Host Control Panel. Bridge “owners” can manage their assigned bridges while account administrators have access to all bridges in the account.

More Ways to Connect
  • 400+ Local USA Dial-in Numbers
  • 100+ International Dial-in Numbers
  • Toll-Free Access from USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • Dial-in Numbers in Six Languages
  • TurboBridge WebCall (via computer)
  • Direct Internet Access (using SIP)
  • Dial-Out to Participant
  • Dial-In Recording Playback
Easy & Effortless
  • Reservationless (Always Available, No Scheduling)
  • High Capacity for Every Call (1,000 Participants)
  • No Host Required
  • Multiple Hosts Supported
  • Same Dial-In Numbers and Codes for Every Call (unless you change them)
  • Codeless Entry Option
Live Conference Control
  • Configurable Call Start Options
  • View Participant Names Online
  • Indicator Shows Who Is Talking
  • Mute Individuals or Groups
  • Caller Entry and Exit Alerts
  • Announce Caller Name
  • Restrict Access With Security Codes
  • Control Speaking Volume
  • Dial Out to Add a Participant
  • Record Conference
  • Manage a Q&A Session
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Play Private Roll Call
  • Lock Conference To New Arrivals
  • Private Host Sub-Conference
  • Change Caller Display Name
  • Capture Listener Count
  • Drop Participants
  • Turn Off Hold Music
  • Force Conference Termination
Manage Your Account Online
  • Manage Multiple Bridges Within One Account
  • Pick and Change Your Own Conference IDs and Host PINs
  • Enable Multiple Account Administrators
  • Allow Employees to Manage Their Own Bridge
  • Download Activity Details
  • Conference Email Reports
  • Conference Call Detail History
  • Retrieve and Delete Recordings
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Customize Default Feature Settings
  • Assign Caller Names and User IDs
  • Block Problem Callers
  • Accounting Codes for Project Tracking
  • Assign Reference Labels to Conferences
  • Assign Validation Codes For Authorized Callers


No Reservation Needed - Always Available

Conference bridges are active at all times. Conference calls begin instantly when the bridge is accessed; no scheduling is required. (Hosts can control when callers are placed into a live conference.)

High Conference Capacity

You can host up to 1,000 participants on your conference calls. Please contact us if you need accommodate more than 1,000 participants.

No Host required (but it's easy to become one)

During a conference call, you can promote yourself to the Host role (by entering *3 as a keypad command and providing the private Host PIN), giving you access to the Host Keypad Commands – eliminating the need to drop off and call back in as the Host. You can also register Host phone numbers in the Caller List, so the system can automatically identify callers as Hosts, without requiring the Host PIN.

Multiple Hosts

Any number of parties can join the call as hosts (by entering the Host PIN upon joining the bridge), allowing multiple leaders on the conference call.

Security Options to Restrict Access

  • Security Passcodes – When this feature is enabled, the Host has the option to establish an extra security passcode for each call that is required before the caller is connected to the conference.
  • User IDs – If this feature is enabled on the bridge, participants are prompted to enter their pre-assigned, unique user code, confirming the identity of each caller who joins the conference. Hosts manage the list of authorized codes.

Optional Accounting Codes for Project Tracking

Prompts a conference Host to enter an Accounting Code when starting a conference. The Accounting Code is listed on the post-conference report email and included in the downloadable call detail records for analysis and reporting.

Caller List to recognize regulars or block problem callers

Using the Host Control Panel, Hosts can easily assign a different display name for any phone number and when that caller dials in, the saved name will appear as the Caller ID. You can designate phone numbers to automatically join as Hosts, bypassing the requirement to enter the Host PIN. You can also use this “address book” capability to block particular callers.

Email template to invite participants to a particular call

No scheduling is required in the TurboBridge system, but you still need to let guests know when they should join you on your bridge. Use the Host Control Panel to send a quick email that has all the necessary information pre-populated, so all you have to do is add the email addresses.

Foreign Language Prompts

TurboBridge offers dial-in numbers with prompts and conference announcements in six languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.


Configurable Call Start Options

Hosts can decide whether the conference should begin as soon as two parties are on the bridge, or when the Host joins, or when the Host proactively confirms the call start.

Visibility through the Host Control Panel

Hosts can log into the web-based control panel to manage conference calls, including viewing participant Caller ID, identifying who is speaking, muting participants, modifying feature settings and controlling call recording.

Call Entry and Exit Alerts

Participants can be announced upon joining or leaving the call, using chimes or recorded names. This feature can be turned off so there is no sound when callers join or leave.

Participants Announce Themselves (Record Caller Name)

Callers joining a call can be asked to record their name, which may be announced upon entry or exit to the call, or replayed privately via the Roll Call feature.

Location Listener Count

Prompt callers to enter the number of listeners at their location and this information will be captured on the summary report and displayed in the Host Control Panel.

Participant Count

You can play an announcement to new entrants stating the number of participants already in the conference.

Controlling Speaking Privileges

The host can control the speaking privileges of participants in several ways:

  • Muting Individuals – Via the Host Control Panel, a host may mute specific participants to reduce background noise.
  • Muting All Participants – Via the Host Control Panel or keypad commands, a host may silence all participants (non-hosts) on the call by changing the mode of the conference to Q&A mode (where participants can un-mute themselves by pressing *6), or Presentation mode (where participants are locked in listen-only mode).
  • Self-Muting – Hosts and participants can mute/un-mute themselves by pressing *6 on the telephone keypad.
  • Recognizing Raised Hands – Participants can indicate to a conference host that they have a question or would like to comment by pressing *5, and if the conference is in Presentation or Q&A mode, the host can un-mute the indicated participants in the order in which they raised their hands.

Host Dial Out to Add a Participant

If this feature is enabled, the Host can initiate an outbound call from the TurboBridge conferencing system to invite a participant into the call, using a keypad command or the Host Control Panel.

Breakout Rooms

You can send participants into an unlimited number of breakout rooms (sometimes called “sub-conferences”), allowing for separate group conversations, or private one-on-one conversations.

Speaker volume control

Keypad commands allow you to adjust your speaking volume. Press *86 multiple times to incrementally increase your speaking volume. Press *87 to incrementally reduce your speaking volume.

Conference Lock

Once everyone needed has joined a call, the host can lock access to the conference bridge, preventing new callers from joining the active conference.

Conference Recording

Digital recording of the call, which can be downloaded from the TurboBridge website. Hosts can toggle the recording on and off during a call, using keypad commands or the Host Control Panel.

Private Roll Call

Participants can press the keypad command *# to hear a private playback of the recorded names for the active participants on the conference call.

Mute Music-on-Hold

Any participant can toggle music-on-hold on or off by pressing ** on the phone keypad while waiting for the conference to begin. Alternatively, the host can configure the settings to turn off hold music for all participants.

Force Conference Termination

A host can force the termination of the conference call by disconnecting all participants, using a keypad command or the Host Control Panel. This feature is useful when you have scheduled back-to-back conference calls.


Email Summary

You can elect to receive a conference summary report after every call, listing the participants and other call details, including a link to download the recording of the call (if available).

Conference History with Details

At-a-glance summary of recent conference call activity allows you to see the caller ID detail for any conference and create printable reports for specific time periods.

Retrieve Recordings

You can download the recording from the TurboBridge website, or click on the link to the recording contained in the Email Summary report. You can also enable Dial-in Recording Playback so that callers can listen to the conference recording over the phone.