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Prayer Lines Made Easy

Extend your reach and expand your services by offering programs that followers and guests can join without leaving home. Members use their phones to dial in to a larger conversation and come together for Bible study, sermons and worship, international outreach and prayer concerns. Your prayer group can connect as often as they wish – there are no per-minute charges when callers dial any of our local toll dial in numbers. You can host up to 1,000 callers, and pay only $9.95 per month, billed to your credit card.

Upgrade Option.  For just $19.95 per month (combining the Flat Rate plan with our Custom Number Option), you can enjoy unlimited minutes to a dedicated phone number with no access code, plus a personalized welcome message, making it even simpler for everyone to participate. (There is an extra $10 monthly fee if you request a local access number.)

The Host Control Panel web dashboard allows the leader to see who is on the conference call and maintain full control to mute participants and reduce background noise and disruptions. Scores of churches, teleministries and spiritual leaders use TurboBridge to share their message.

Prayer Line Features
  •  Allows 1,000 Participants
  •  Host Control Panel to Manage Your Call
  •  Caller ID Name Display
  •  Mute, Block & Drop Callers
  •  Free Email Conference Reports
  •  Free Downloadable Recordings
  •  Free Recording Playback
  •  Supports Multiple Leaders
  •  Local Dial-in Numbers in Most Major Cities
  •  Play Audio File into Conference
  •  Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Minutes
With the Custom Number Option
  • Codeless Entry – Callers don't need to enter an access code to join your prayer calls.
  • Personalized Welcome – Record your own, or we'll record it for you.
  • Custom Hold Music – Send us your own music or promotional message to be played while callers are waiting for your arrival.
  • Host Dial-in Number – You can request a separate dial-in number for your prayer leaders, so they don't have to enter a special code to get access to speaking privileges and Host Keypad Commands.
  • Recording Playback – For small fee, you can pair a codeless playback number with your Custom Number.

How does the Custom Number Option work?

TurboBridge will activate a private dial-in number for the exclusive use by your prayer group. You can either provide us with the text of your desired welcome greeting (which our announcer will record for you) or you can send us your own recorded greeting. Callers to your dial-in number will hear your personalized greeting and be placed directly into your prayer call without being prompted to enter a code. You will be assigned an out-of-area phone number, unless you request a local phone number, for which an additional $10 monthly fee applies. (Therefore, the total service cost with a custom local phone number is $29.95 per month.)

Can I see who is participating in my prayer calls?

Yes. The Host Control Panel web dashboard displays a list of callers (including the Caller ID Name, with an option to manage your own list of caller names). A visual indicator shows when a participant is speaking, so you can identify the speaker. You can receive an email report after each prayer conference that will show the list of all participants, including their phone number and Caller ID name.

Is a playback number available for those who missed the conference.

Yes. In addition to options for downloading or playing the conference recording on a customer, you can enable Dial-in Recording Playback so callers can hear the conference recording over the phone. For a small extra fee, we can enable a dedicated playback phone number to pair with your Custom Number.

Can I provide a toll-free dial-in number?

You can, but it may be prohibitively expensive. There is a 2¢ per-minute charge for each caller who joins your prayer line using a toll-free dial-in number. For example, if you have ten callers using toll-free access to join a single one-hour prayer conference, it would cost over $10. Fortunately, TurboBridge may be able to provide you with a local dial-in number in your community, and many callers can avoid expensive long distance charges by using cell phones or enrolling in packages with their phone or cable company that includes free long distance.

Many of my prayer line participants are outside the USA. How can they join?

TurboBridge offers dial-in numbers in over 60 countries around the world, but you would pay per-minute charges for each caller who dials those numbers (1¢/minute from Canada; 3¢/minute from other countries). In many cases, this may be too expensive. Please note TurboBridge cannot presently provide dial-in numbers in most African countries. If your overseas participants have access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, they may be able to join your prayer calls using TurboBridge WebCall, which allows a participant to connect using a computer headset. WebCall usage is included for free with all Flat Rate plans.