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Our Story

TurboBridge is the retail service brand for Advanced Communications Solutions LLC, a privately-held partnership with offices in Bethesda, Maryland. TurboBridge was launched in 2009, and now serves thousands of retail customers around the world, along with providing wholesale audio conferencing capabilities to web collaboration providers and other conferencing companies. Our services are built with our own proprietary technology, allowing us to deliver the industry's lowest cost and most flexible solutions. We also capitalize on great vendor relationships, who enable us to extend our reach around the globe, with conferencing servers on five continents and dial-in phone numbers in over 60 countries.

Our Team.  Roman Shpount and Eugene Vereta handle technology and operations, leveraging their long-term alliance bringing numerous communication services to market. Joyce Dorris and Paul Erickson are responsible for retail sales, marketing and customer support, similarly capitalizing on their shared experience in the telecommunications industry. Huan Le and Chris Koehncke focus on business development opportunities, while Nick Etson is responsible for web development. When you connect with us, you can be sure that you're dealing with somebody qualified, empowered and motivated to address your issues and serve your needs.

How Can We Do It?  TurboBridge was designed from the ground up to enable direct customer control and self-management, eliminating the need for an excessive support organization. Our website has the most comprehensive information and instructions in the industry, allowing customers to easily learn about the service and find the answers they need. Roman and Eugene designed a flexible system that scales easily, runs on standard hardware, and operates with the industry's highest reliability. We don't have sales people making cold calls, nor do we harass our customers about upgrading or upsizing. We try hard to make ourselves available when you need us, but we understand that what you need most is a service that works well, every single time.