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Enterprise Solutions

Build To Suit Your Needs

TurboBridge is proud to serve enterprises with hundreds, even thousands, of conference lines, and provide your team with reliable, high-quality, and flexible conference calling, while saving thousands of dollars. Our corporate clients have upgraded from legacy, expensive, inflexible providers, and now enjoy new features with improved performance – often saving 50% or more.

Best Rates in the Industry – Without Compromises.

Whether you're looking for fixed "per-seat" pricing or rock-bottom pay-per-minute rates, TurboBridge provides a full-service solution at wholesale rates. Our proprietary technology and streamlined operations make us the low-cost audio conferencing provider, but you won't sacrifice performance, reliability, customer support or functionality. We provide wholesale conferencing to other collaboration and unified communications companies, giving us scale advantages that we pass on to our retail enterprise clients.

Tell Us What You Need – We Probably Can Do It.

Most conferencing requirements are straightforward – there's a phone number to dial, plus a code to enter. However, you may have unique requirements for some or all of your conference calls. For instance, you may need extra security for some of your calls, or need to host a large all-hands conference call and solicit employee questions. Perhaps some of your staff or customers are in foreign countries, or you want connect your IP phone system directly into conferences using SIP Access. Or maybe you have hundreds of employees, and want assistance in setting up their conference lines. Some of our customers incorporate our service into their software application, using our API. If there's a feature you need or a special support request, we'll do our best to accommodate you.

We'll Grow With You.

You don't need to migrate all your conference calls to TurboBridge to start enjoying the benefits, and you don't need to be a giant corporation to qualify for our best prices. You can expect personalized attention from us, and we're always available to advise you on how to take full advantage of TurboBridge.

Key Enterprise Features

Below are some of the benefits when you put TurboBridge to work for your organization.

  • Unlimited Conference Bridges
    Provide each employee or department with its own reservationless conference line, eliminating the need for sharing or scheduling.
  • Easy Account Administration
    Assign, manage, and monitor your enterprise-wide solution from a single login account, with support for multiple administrators. See Account Portal for more info.
  • Self-Managed User Accounts
    Employees can manage settings, monitor live conferences, retrieve recordings and receive email usage reports on their assigned bridges. See Host Control Panel for more info.
  • Flexible Pricing
    You can choose a fixed rate option (one low monthly fee per conference bridge, providing unlimited use) or a pay-per-minute option with no bridge fee.
  • Customized Branding
    Get free custom dial-in numbers where you need them, with professionally-recorded welcome greetings branded with your organization name. You can display your logo on the Host Control Panel and email activity reports.
  • Global Reach
    TurboBridge provides dial-in numbers in over 100 foreign cities, plus options for participants to connect through the Internet with TurboBridge WebCall.