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Wholesale Solutions

Incorporate Audio Conferencing Into Your Application

With the powerful TurboBridge API, you can easily incorporate audio conferencing into your web application, rapidly extending your product features at minimal expense. We host the conferencing application on our servers, so you avoid capital and maintenance cost, while delivering robust and reliable conference calling as an extension or component of your service. We built our own cloud-based conferencing technology, so we can adapt our system, if your special requirements are not already accommodated by the existing TurboBridge API.

Featured Clients.  LogMeIn relies on TurboBridge to deliver the audio conferencing component for its popular collaboration service. HireVue incorporated our conferencing capability into their digital recruiting service. Vonage Business subscribers use our system for conference calling. TalkPoint is another TurboBridge wholesale customer who leverages our capabilities to support new service offerings.

Wholesale Clients

Complete Service Control.  The TurboBridge API provides full control over your customer's experience. You can create and edit conference bridges and settings, manage live conferences, retrieve call detail records, and accommodate multiple conference access methods. We can provide you with conference dial-in numbers around the world or allow your customers to connect directly via your website or smartphone app, using our WebRTC-powered TurboBridge WebCall feature.

Pricing.  Since we own our technology and operate the industry's lowest-cost audio conferencing platform, we can structure our prices to suit your business requirements. Tell us what you need, and we'll work out a deal to help you profitably grow your business.

Sample Wholesale Applications
  • Web Conferencing – Add audio conferencing to your screen-sharing service.
  • Video Conferencing – Add voice to your video conferencing product.
  • Sales Contact Management – Bolt-on scheduled conferencing into your contact management application.
  • Collaboration Services – Add audioconferencing into your chat and document-sharing service.
  • Distance Learning – Incorporate live audio participation into your training programs and online courses.

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