Using Security Passcodes

Security Passcodes provide an extra layer of access control for your conference calls, requiring participants to provide an extra passcode that you establish for a specific conference call. This feature must be enabled on your conference bridge in advance of your conference call. To enable this feature, you must contact TurboBridge to request activation on your conference bridge. (If you submit a request online or via email, please provide the Conference ID for which the feature should be enabled.)

  1. Distribute the Security Passcode to your invited participants.  The Security Passcode is a numeric value that you make up, which can be any number of digits (including a single digit). This passcode is in addition to the Conference ID – participants will need to enter both codes to join your conference. You do not have to register the passcode with TurboBridge in advance of the conference – you will be asked to specify the passcode when you arrive as a Host into the conference call.
  2. Verify the Conference Start setting.  The Conference Start setting needs to be either “when host joins” or “when host confirms”. These settings require the presence of a Host in order for the conference to begin. If the Conference Start setting is “when 2nd caller joins”, all participants will be placed into the conference call without being prompted to enter a Security Passcode.
  3. Specify the Security Passcode when you join as the Host.  The first host to arrive into the conference will be prompted to specify the Security Passcode, which was distributed in advance to the invitees. To ensure that our system captured your input correctly, you will be asked to confirm the passcode.
  4. Participants Enter the Security Passcode.  Once the host specifies the passcode, all participants who arrived before the host will then be prompted to enter the Security Passcode, and then are placed into the conference call. They will be re-prompted if they enter an incorrect code. Callers who arrive later will be prompted to enter the Security Passcode when they arrive.

You can bypass the Security Passcode for any conference, which allows all participants to join without be prompted for a passcode. When you are prompted to enter the Security Passcode, you can simply press the pound key (#) without entering any numeric digits, which disables the passcode for that conference. Therefore, even though Security Passcodes are enabled on the bridge, you do not have to require Security Passcodes for all your conferences.