Creating Value for Attendees
While Keeping Your Costs Down

Make your teleseminars easy, affordable and productive with TurboBridge. Starting at just $19.95 per month (for the Flat Rate plan with the Custom Number option), you can host unlimited classes, each with up to 500 dial-in participants calling your private dial-in number, customized with your branded welcome greeting. There are no per-minute usage (callers dial a regular phone number, and pay any applicable long distance charges), and you can use TurboBridge's powerful online Host Control Panel to manage your conference call. You can rely on high quality connections and a full range of features that are easily configurable so your calls work the way you want.

Easy Entry.  From the start, callers have a branded experience when they dial in to your Custom Number and hear your personalized welcome message. If you prefer, they can connect directly to your conferences without entering a code. You can identify callers using the “Caller ID Name” displayed on Host Control Panel, or stored assigned names linked to specific caller numbers.

Optional Member Access Control.  For enhanced access control or better caller identification, you can assign each registered user a unique passcode in advance (called a User ID). You can require callers to enter their assigned code before they join the conference, to be assured that you know each authorized person who joins your seminars. You can receive post-call email reports, listing all the participants, for a complete roll call. You can download activity records, for follow-up analysis or contacts.

Effective Presentations and Q&A Sessions.  Manage live calls in real time with the online Host Control Panel. Different conference modes allow you to adjust participant speaking privileges, so you control the conversation dynamics. Readily manage a Question & Answer session with participants “raising their hands” (by pressing *5) for the facilitator to call on them, one at a time, in order. You can also use the control panel to mute, drop or block specific callers.

Free Recording & Reports.  If you record your calls, it's easy to download the .mp3 recording and send it to members who missed the call or post it online. After each conference, you can receive an email with details from the call listing the participants in attendance, along with a link to the call recording.

Guest Hosts.  You can have multiple presenters, each with access to moderator tools. You can even host a private “pre-conference session” with your invited speakers to coordinate presentations before beginning the general conference. If you wish, each guest presenter can monitor or manage the live conference using the online Host Control Panel.

Multiple Classes.  While the basic $19.95 option includes a single conference bridge (supporting one conference call at a time), you can add more bridges (or “classrooms”) for $5 each per month. As the administrator, you have online account management and complete visibility, while you can give instructors the power to view and manage their individual bridges.

Extend Your Reach.  TurboBridge offers dial-in numbers around the world, along with convenient access directly through a computer (using TurboBridge WebCall), so your worldwide audience can reach your seminars. Toll-free dial-in from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom can be enabled if you don't want your members to incur long distance charges. (Per-minute rates vary by country.)

Our friendly responsive customer service can help you further tailor the seminar experience you create. Please call us at 1-888-666-3620 so we can customize a solution for you.

TurboBridge Teleseminar Tools
  • Flat Rate Plans with unlimited usage.
  • Convenient codeless caller entry with the Custom Number option.
  • Custom welcome greetings and hold music.
  • Online Host Control Panel for real-time call management.
  • “Raise Your Hand” feature for effective Q&A sessions.
  • Free call recording and email call reports.
  • User ID Codes for caller validation and identification.
  • Multiple bridges to accommodate different instructors and eliminate schedule conflicts.
  • Optional extended reach via TurboBridge WebCall and international dial-in numbers.