Join a Conference Call
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By Phone

Standard Toll+1 (805) 309-2350
Alternate Toll+1 (714) 551-9842
Standard Toll-Free+1 (800) 309-2350
Alternate Toll-Free+1 (800) 551-9842

Click here if you are calling from outside the U.S.A.
Other Local Toll Access numbers are available.

Over the Internet

Skype Name"TurboBridgeHD"
TurboBridge WebCallClick to Login
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SIP Access (Using IP phone or softphone)

Connect to the Conference

  1. Dial or connect using one of the options at left.
  2. When prompted, enter the Conference ID, followed by the pound sign (#).

    If you wish to connect as a host, press the star key (*) instead of the pound sign, and you will be prompted to enter the Host PIN.

Keypad Commands

Commands highlighted in green are accessible by non-hosts.

Other commands are only accessible to those who designate themselves as hosts, by entering the 4-digit Host PIN.

*0 Plays menu of Keypad Commands
*1 Record the conference (toggle on/off)
*2 Lock out new entrants (toggle on/off)
*3 Start conference (in "host confirms" mode)
*3 Promote to Host (if non-host)
*41 Switch to Listen-Only Mode)
*42 Switch to Conversation Mode
*43 Switch to Question & Answer Mode
*44 Switch to Private Host Mode
*5 Raise your hand
*6 Mute yourself (toggle on/off)
*71 Play entry chime on caller arrival
*72 Announce name on caller arrival
*73 No notification on caller arrival
*81 Play entry chime on caller exit
*82 Announce name on caller exit
*83 No notification on caller exit
*91 Terminate the conference
*# Private roll call of participants
** Mute music-on-hold (toggle on/off)