Connect by Computer
WebCallClick to Login
Requires Chrome or Firefox browser. Learn more.
In Skype, click on the Skype Call Button button and enter this number. The + sign is required. Learn more.
SIP Access: (Using IP Phone or SIP softphone.)
How to Join a Conference
  • Dial or connect using one of the options at left.
  • When prompted, enter the Conference ID followed by the pound key (#).
  • To join as Host, enter the Conference ID followed by the star key (*). You will then be prompted for the Host PIN.

Keypad Commands   Black keys can be used by all participants. White keys are only available to Hosts.

*0 Play Keypad Command menu
*1 Record conferences (toggle on/off)
*2 Lock out new entrants (toggle on/off)
*3 Promote yourself to Host
*3 Start conference (in "when Host Confirms" mode)
*41Switch to Presentation Mode
*42Switch to Conversation Mode
*43Switch to Question & Answer Mode
*44Switch to Hosts Only Mode (others placed on hold)
*5 Raise Your Hand
*6 Mute your line (toggle on/off)
*78Turn off Entry and Exit alerts
*79Restore default Entry and Exit alerts
*86Increase speaking volume
*87Decrease speaking volume
*90Instant Conference Start (one-party conference)
*91End the conference
*95Dial-out to participant (if enabled)
*# Private roll call announcement
** Turn off hold music (toggle on/off)