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Skype Conferencing With TurboBridge

Callers can use Skype to connect into your TurboBridge conference calls. This extends your reach worldwide, anywhere where the participant can access a broadband connection with a Skype-enabled device. TurboBridge supports direct Skype connections, ensuring the best quality.


Unlike Skype's built-in conferencing capabilities (essentially calling a group of Skype contacts), TurboBridge supports "meet-me" conferencing, allowing participants to call into the conference bridge at their convenience. Plus, with TurboBridge you can mix multiple access methods – some callers dialing in with regular phones, others connecting with Skype.

Pricing.   There is no charge to the caller for using Skype Access, when connecting directly to TurboBridge (Skype contact "TurboBridgeHD" or special Skype Number +99051000000481). (If the Skype user dials one of the regular TurboBridge Toll Access numbers, those usage minutes would be classified as Toll Access with TurboBridge.). Your account will be charged 1¢ per minute for Skype Access usage.

Connecting to TurboBridge with Skype

There are three options for connecting with Skype:

1.  Click To Connect

If permitted by your browser's security settings, clicking on the link below will open Skype and connect directly to TurboBridge (you may be prompted to allow the connection):

Click to Connect with Skype

2.  Add TurboBridgeHD to Your Contact List

From within Skype, you can do a contact search for "TurboBridgeHD", then add TurboBridgeHD to your contact list. To connect to your conference bridge, double-click on the TurboBridge contact and click on "Call Phone" button.

3.  Call the TurboBridge Skype Number

From within Skype, click on the "Call Phones" button. In the pop-up window, type +99051000000481 in the box where it says "Enter Number". (Note that the plus sign is required.) Then click on the "Call" button.


You will hear a TurboBridge welcome greeting, followed by a prompt to enter your Conference ID. You must open the Skype "Dial Pad" pop-up window, either by clicking on the Dial Pad icon (if shown), or selecting "Show Dial Pad" option under the "Call" menu item. Then type your Conference ID followed by the pound sign (#).