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TurboBridge Pricing Plans

Monthly Fee

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Prices are per minute,
per caller.

More than 25 bridges

Special customer arrangements available, if you need 25 or more flat-rate conference bridges or use 25,000 conferencing minutes per month.

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Additional Information

  • The mandatory Federal Universal Service Fund Surcharge applies to all telephone usage charges.
  • Minutes are counted separately for each participant, based on the access method used by that participant. For example, a 5-person, 10-minute call would count as 50 minutes.
  • Toll-Free Dial-in from Canada costs 5.9¢ per minute with all plans. (Please contact us for for discount options for Canadian toll-free access.)
  • Callers to Toll Dial-in Numbers may be billed for long distance charges by their phone company. Local Toll Dial-in Numbers are available in over 80 U.S. cities, so callers may be able to avoid long distance charges.

Other Plans & Options

Custom Dial-In Number:   Get your own dial-in number with a personalized greeting for $10 extra per month.   more »

International Access:   Learn how callers can access your conference calls from outside the U.S.   more »

Rates for Internet Access Options

Callers can connect into your conference calls directly over the Internet, using Skype Access or SIP Access with an enabled IP Phone or SIP softphone.

Skype Access:  Free to the Skype user. You are charged 1¢ per minute.

SIP Access:  Free to the SIP user. With the pay-as-you-go Flex Plan, you are charged 1¢ per minute for SIP Access.

With Flat Rate Toll Plans, there is no charge for SIP Access minutes.

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