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About TurboBridge

Our Mission

Capitalizing on advanced Internet and software technologies, TurboBridge is delivering a game-changing experience in audio conferencing; reaching new levels of quality, convenience and affordability. Historically, conference calling has been expensive, with monthly bills running hundreds of dollars, based on high per-minute charges for toll-free connections. Quality has been mediocre as well, mixing callers in noisy environments, with inconsistent volumes leading to unnatural conversations. TurboBridge is delivering fixed-price, HD-quality audio conferencing, adding the convenience of using the Internet to connect to your conference calls.

Our Company

TurboBridge is an enhanced information provider established to create improved business conferencing solutions, owned and operated by Advanced Communications Solutions, which was founded in 2007. The company is privately-held, with offices in Bethesda, Maryland.

Our Team

The TurboBridge team is comprised of telecom and Internet veterans from Nortel, AOL, and MCI, who have pioneered Internet telephony technologies and services for residential and business applications.

Our Technology

TurboBridge has developed its own IP-based conferencing platform, incorporating the patent-pending TurboSoundsm audio enhancement technology. While most other commercial conference providers rely on off-the-shelf equipment and technology, TurboBridge delivers a unique, high-quality experience. The core technology, invented by the company founders, has been deployed worldwide and proven to scale to support the largest conferencing applications.