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Frequently-Asked Questions


What is TurboBridge conferencing?

TurboBridge is a revolutionary audio conferencing service which, in addition to supporting traditional phone calls, supports direct IP connections from IP-enabled PBXs and IP Phones, as well as PC-enabled connections via Skype and SIP softphones. TurboBridge is unique in supporting HD Audio which provides a richer, clearer audio experience for IP devices which support the wideband G.722 codec.

What is wideband audio?

In simple terms, wideband audio calls offers a "fuller" sound because you're hearing more of what the other person is saying. It's akin to the differences you hear from an AM to FM radio station. A wider frequency range means you will hear more and an increased sampling rate means the speaker's voice will be much smoother.

Who can use Turbobridge?

TurboBridge is just like a normal audio conference service with the added benefit of our excellent value and better voice quality. You do not need any special equipment or technical expertise to be a subscriber or participate on a TurboBridge conference call.

Do I need an IP PBX or other special equipment?

NO, you can dial a normal telephone number to access TurboBridge. However, if you do have a modern IP-enabled PBX and a broadband connection, you have the option of connecting to TurboBridge directly over the Internet. If you do connect to TurboBridge over the Internet, you'll get a better quality HD Audio experience. Click here for information on accessing TurboBridge using IP phones.

Do I need a broadband connection?

NO, anybody can reach your conference calls using regular phones. However, we offer convenient, alternative access methods that use broadband connections, including Skype and SIP Access, both of which are free to the caller. (Depending on your selected pricing plan, you may be charged up to 1¢ per minute for Skype and/or SIP Access.)

How quickly is my account set-up?

Instantly. Your account is activated once you complete the online enrollment. You can immediately activate your conference bridge by selecting your Conference ID, and you're ready for calls. You will also receive a welcome email with additional instructions and tips on using the TurboBridge service.

Does TurboBridge offer web conferencing or desktop screen-sharing.

Not at this time. However, many customers use TurboBridge for the audio conferencing portion associated with web conferences. (For example, using WebEx or GoToMeeting to show a slide presentation, while using TurboBridge for the voice component.) For free and simple online screen-sharing, we invite you to consider Join Me, one of TurboBridge's strategic partners.


How many people can be on a conference call?

All of the TurboBridge service plans support up to 250 participants at one time on a single conference call, or more with the Custom Number Option.

How long can a conference call be?

There is no limit to the duration of a conference call. However, there is a 30-minute timeout if there is only a single party connected to your conference bridge.

How many conference bridges can I create?

Using the TurboBridge Account Manager, you may create additional conference bridges up to the limit allowed by your selected Service Plan. If you need more bridges, you can easily and instantly upgrade your account online. You can also establish and manage multiple accounts through your single log-in account, providing you with infinite capacity.

What live conference features can the host control with keypad commands?

You can learn about the available conference features by reading the TurboBridge User Guide or viewing the Conference Features section in the Online Help system. You can print wallet cards displaying the keypad commands, or log into your conference bridge (via the Host a Call link at the top of the web page), and print wallet cards customized with your assigned conference bridge information.

How do I record a conference call?

If you access your conference bridge using the Host PIN (click on Help for instructions), you can toggle conference recording on and off by entering the *1 (star-one) keypad command during an active conference. You can also establish a default feature setting to record all calls. Plus, you can control recording via the online Live Conference Manager, accessed by clicking the Host a Call link at the top of the website.

How can I access my conference recordings?

You can retrieve your recordings by logging into the Live Conference Manager (access by clicking the Host a Call link). A link to play or download the recording (in .mp3 format) will be included in the Recent Activity listing. If you elect to receive a Conference Summary Report via email at the conclusion of a conference call, it will include a link to retrieve the recording. There is presently no dial-in playback capability.

How long will my recordings be available?

The recordings will be available for 30 days after the conference call. You may download and save recordings for permanent storage. You may delete a recording at any time, by logging into your conference bridge (using the Host a Call link) and clicking on the trash can icon next to the recording link.

Can I dial-out to add a participant into an active conference call?

No, TurboBridge does not support that capability at this time.


What is Toll Access?

Toll Access is when callers connect to a conference call by dialing a regular telephone number, for which callers may incur long distance charges billed by their phone company. This is in contrast to Toll-Free Access, in which callers dial a toll-free number (e.g., a 1-800 number) to connect to the conference call, and for which the callers don't incur long distance charges from their phone company. TurboBridge provides a choice of connection methods to conference calls, and callers can reach the same conference bridge/room through any available method, and multiple access methods are accommodated for the same conference call. (For example, some callers could dial the Toll Access Number and other callers could dial the Toll-Free Access Number for the same conference.)

What are the local numbers to access TurboBridge?

The standard Toll Access number is +1 (805) 309-2350. In addition, TurboBridge offers local telephone numbers for many cities so that you or participants may be able to avoid whatever long distance toll charges that may be assessed by your phone company. Check out the list of TurboBridge Local Access Numbers for a number in your area. Note that conference participants do not have to dial the same access number, so callers in different cities can dial different local numbers and be connected to the same conference call.

What is the toll-free number to access TurboBridge?

The standard toll-free number is +1 (800) 309-2350. You may be assigned a different toll-free number when you enroll, but generally your callers can reach your conference bridge by dialing the standard toll-free number, if you choose to allow Toll-Free Access.

Does the toll-free number work for participants calling from Canada?

YES, but toll-free usage from Canada is not counted against any Prepaid Minutes balance. All toll-free usage originating from Canada is priced separately at the rates shown on the Plans & Pricing page.

Does the toll-free number work for participants calling from Alaska and Hawaii?

Toll-free access from Alaska and Hawaii is available at the same rates as the rest of the U.S., and is included in any Prepaid Minutes account.

Can I block Toll-Free Access for my conference bridges?

YES, you can elect not to allow Toll-Free Access for any particular conference bridge on your account. You can enable or disable Toll-Free Access at any time via the online Account Manager.

Can I block other access methods to my conference calls?

Not at this time.

Can I customize the welcome greeting for my conference bridge?

YES, but only if you subscribe to our Custom Number Option. (An additional monthly charge applies.) You will be assigned a custom dial-in number (toll and/or toll-free), and callers to your custom number will be greeting with your custom announcement.

Is there a dial-in number that includes an unbranded, generic welcome greeting?

YES, there are both Toll and Toll-Free dial-in numbers with the announcement, "Welcome to the Conference Center." The Toll Access number with this generic greeting is 1-213-289-5915, while the Toll-Free Access number is 1-877-654-5455. Any caller can connect to your conference call by dialing either of these access numbers, and entering your Conference ID when prompted.

What is the SIP URI to access TurboBridge?

TurboBridge may be reached via the SIP URI below. Click here for more information on using SIP Access.

Can I use a softphone client to access Turbobridge?

YES. To access TurboBridge using a softphone you would enter as the SIP URI (address). Wikipedia has a list of SIP-enabled softphone clients than can be used to access TurboBridge.

How do I set up a conference call using TurboBridge?

The bridge is always available at any time. No advance scheduling or reservation is necessary. Simply access TurboBridge via any of our access methods and enter the Conference ID in response to the prompt. The conference will start automatically whenever the next caller joins (unless you have configured your default setting to require the presence of a Host to begin the conference).

Does TurboBridge work internationally?

YES, callers from outside the U.S. can dial directly to any of our Toll Access numbers (including the standard number, +1 (805) 309-2350. International long distance charges will apply, billed to the caller by the caller's phone company. In addition, TurboBridge is accessible to callers with broadband Internet access using Skype or SIP Access. TurboBridge also offers dial-in numbers in a growing list of cities around the world. Learn more about connecting to TurboBridge from outside the U.S.

Does TurboBridge offer international dial-in numbers?

YES. Please click here for current information on connecting to TurboBridge from outside the U.S.


How does TurboBridge bill?

When you sign up for a TurboBridge Flat Rate Toll service plan, your credit card is charged immediately for the monthly service fee (paid in advance). Any additional usage charges (e.g., for Toll-Free Minutes or International Access) will be billed automatically to your credit card on your monthly invoice.

If you enroll in a Prepaid Plan, you pay a one-time fee and receive a initial quantity of Prepaid Minutes, which generally do not expire (see the terms of your service plan for possible exceptions). Once you use up the initial Prepaid Minutes, additional usage charges will be billed monthly to your credit card, at the per-minute rates associated with your selected service plan. You may purchase additional Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes, which are charged immediately to your credit card.

If you enroll in a Pay-As-You-Go Plan, an initial credit limit of $50 is established for your account, and your credit card is authorized for that amount. You will be billed monthly for usage charges unless your account exceeds the credit limit, in which case, your credit card may be charged more frequently. For additional information, please see Plans & Pricing, or refer to the TurboBridge Terms of Use.

How are conference calls priced?

Usage charges are incurred based on the per-minute rate associated with the access method used by the conference participant, which vary by Service Plan. Minutes are counted on a per-person basis. For example, if three callers join a conference for 10 minutes, that counts as 30 billable minutes (3 x 10 = 30). Depending on your selected Service Plan, you may not be charged for some types of access methods. For example, if you subscribe to a Flat Rate plan, you won't be charged for callers who dial into your conference call using the Toll Access.

What payment methods are available?

You have a choice of paying via a major credit card or via a direct debit to your checking account (ACH). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Please contact us if you wish to pay via direct debit to your checking account.

Will I receive an invoice?

You will receive an email receipt for any billing transaction, and you can access your transaction history and print invoices via the online Account Manager accessed by clicking the My Account link at the top of the website.

Can you bill me directly, instead of charging a credit card or a direct debit to a checking account?

In order to offer exceptional prices, TurboBridge requires automatic electronic billing and invoicing, and the only payment methods presently accepted are credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and automatic direct debits to checking accounts. Other payment methods may be introduced in the future.

How do Prepaid Minutes work on the Standard Plans?

Some Service Plans include a quantity of a combined Toll and Toll-Free Prepaid Minutes when established. Minutes of use for callers accessing your conferences via either Toll Access or domestic Toll-Free Access will count against these Prepaid Minutes. (Usage from callers who connect using any other Access Method, such as Skype, TurboPhone or SIP Access, does NOT count against these Prepaid Minutes.) Once all the Prepaid Minutes have been used, additional minutes will be billed monthly according to the per-minute rate associated with the caller's Access Method and your selected Service Plan (per-minute rates vary by Service Plan). Prepaid Minutes do not expire.

Can I purchase Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes with a Flat Rate Plan?

YES. TurboBridge allows you to purchase a package of toll free minutes. Purchased minutes are immediately added to your account and do not expire. You may also sign up to automatically replenish your toll-free minutes when they run out by choosing the Auto-Recharge option. Flat Rate Plan subscribers can make a one-time purchase of Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes at any time by logging into the Account Manager and selecting the Billing tab. Check out additional information on Toll-Free Access.

What happens if I run out of Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes with my Flat Rate Plan?

You can check your available minute balance from the online Account Manager. If you continue to use Toll-Free Access after your Prepaid Toll-Free balance is depleted (and are not enrolled in the Auto-Recharge option), those minutes will be charged at the standard Toll-Free Access rate associated with your Flat Rate Plan.

Is there a difference between the Prepaid Minutes associated with Standard Plans and the Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes associated with Flat Rate Plans?

YES. Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes are only available to Flat Rate Plan subscribers, for whom Toll Access is free. The Prepaid Minutes associated with Standard Plans represent an initial quantity of prepaid usage when you enroll, and counts against both Toll Access and Toll-Free Access. Subscribers can purchase additional Prepaid Minutes at any time. Click here for more information.

What happens to my Prepaid Minutes if I switch Service Plans?

Any remaining balance of Prepaid Minutes is carried forward to your new Service Plan (i.e., you do not lose any prepaid minutes by switching plans). Note that if you switch from a Standard Plan to a Flat Rate plan, the Prepaid Minutes become Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes (since Toll Access minutes are always free with a Flat Rate plan). If you switch from a Flat Rate plan to a Standard Plan, the Prepaid Toll-Free Minutes become Prepaid Minutes (both Toll Access and Toll-Free Access minutes count against the Prepaid Minute balance with Standard Plans).

Are callers charged for using Skype Access?

NO, if they directly connect to TurboBridge by using the TurboBridge Skype Number (+99051000000481) or connect to the TurboBridge Skype ID. If they use Skype's "Call Phones" capability to dial a regular Toll Access number (e.g., the standard Toll Access number, 1-805-309-2350), they are subject to Skype charges (note that Skype typically provides unlimited free minutes to U.S. phone numbers if the user pays a flat monthly fee for U.S. calling).

Will I be charged when callers use Skype Access?

YES, if callers connect using the TurboBridge Skype Number or TurboBridge Skype ID. Your account will be charged 1¢ per minute for Skype Access Use. However, if the Skype caller connects by dialing a Toll Access number (such as 1-805-309-2350), those minutes will be classified as Toll Access minutes, and will be charged at the Toll Access per-minute rate associated with your selected Service Plan.

Are callers charged for using SIP Access or TurboPhone?

NO, there is never a per-minute charge to a caller who connects using SIP Access or TurboPhone (other than data connection fees that may be assessed by their broadband provider). Those callers connect to TurboBridge directly over the Internet.

Will I be charged when callers use SIP Access or TurboPhone?

You may be charged 1¢ per minute for SIP Access or TurboPhone usage, depending on your selected Service Plan. (TurboPhone is classified as SIP Access for billing purposes), as shown on the Plans & Pricing page.

Can I get a refund?

TurboBridge offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. If you cancel your account within the first 30 days of service, we will automatically refund your initial monthly Service Plan fee if you signed up for a Flat Rate Plan, or a prorated refund for unused Prepaid Minutes if you signed up for a Standard Plan. Any additional usage charged you accrued are non-refundable.

Is there a term contract?

NO, there is no term contract. You many cancel your account at any time without penalty. You will be charged for any unbilled usage charges when you cancel your account. Any remaining Prepaid Minutes on your account will be forfeited (if you cancel after the Money Back Guarantee period).

Can I re-activate my canceled account?

YES, you have 90 days to re-activate your account. Your usage history, conference bridges (IDs and Host PINs), default features settings, payment methods, Prepaid Minute balance, and profile information will be restored. After 90 days, your account will be deleted, and cannot be recovered. At that point, your Conference IDs and Custom Numbers could be assigned to other TurboBridge subscribers.

How do I cancel my service?

You may cancel your account at any time by clicking here. Note that you must be logged into your account in order to process the cancellation.


Which IP phones support HD Audio?

A wide variety of IP telephone sets from major manufacturers such as Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Mitel, Siemens, ShoreTel, Polycom, SNOM, and 3COM support HD Audio.

Can I use TurboBridge if I don't have a wideband phone?

YES, TurboBridge works with all telephones! However, if you have an IP phone and you're directly connected to TurboBridge via a broadband connection, you will get an enhanced audio experience. Similarly if you have an IP phone AND it supports wideband, you'll be able to connect to TurboBridge in HD Audio.

I have a wideband telephone but some of the participants don't. Will I get HD Audio?

YES, TurboBridge automatically provides the highest possible quality to each participant depending on their connection to us. TurboBridge supports mix modes, meaning participants connected in HD Audio will converse among themselves in HD Audio mode and will converse with non-HD Audio participants in normal mode.

What audio codecs does TurboBridge support?

TurboBridge currently supports G.711 and G.722. Support for other wideband codecs is planned in the near future.

Why don't you support the G.729 codec?

We do not believe that the G.729 codec allows TurboBridge to meet our high quality audio standards for conferencing. Remember, you can always access TurboBridge by dialing a traditional telephone number regardless of the codec you are using.

How do I set up SIP Access to TurboBridge?

Please see the technical information on setting up SIP Access with TurboBridge. You do not need to be a TurboBridge subscriber to enable SIP Access to TurboBridge conference calls.


How may I contact you?

TurboBridge strives to respond quickly to all email queries, and you may call us during weekday business hours. See our Contact Us page for contact options, phone numbers, and email addresses.