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6 Big Reasons to Pick TurboBridge
Join the thousands of organizations who have upgraded their conferencing solution!

Lowest Rates. No Gotchas.

With our Value plan, you pay only 1¢ per minute when callers use any of 200+ local dial-in numbers – or just 1.9¢ per minute if they dial a toll-free number – with NO monthly fees or minimum, no contract, no set-up fees, and no charge if you don't use the service. Or, choose a Flat Rate plan that gives you unlimited USA local access for $9.95 per month, allowing of 300 participants on every call, with no limit on the number or length of your conference calls. Large enterprises enjoy even greater savings. Many conference providers offer "prepaid minute buckets" (use them or lose them) or advertise rates that are nearly impossible to achieve. That's not our style.

So how can we do this?  It's simple – we operate the most efficient system in the industry with essentially zero overhead, providing a fully-automated, reliable service that rarely results in customer inquiries. (We handle about one customer support ticket for every 50,000 conference calls.) We serve large wholesale customers that allow us to pass scale economies to our retail subscribers. Our proprietary software efficiently runs on general purpose hardware, with minimal capital costs to scale capacity. TurboBridge was built from the ground up to leverage open source technology and efficient cloud business services for billing, support, and operations. Our scale and efficiency allows us to offer you the lowest prices, without compromising on quality, reliability, security or features.

It Works. Every Time.

Bottom line, it's gotta work. Your conference calls are important, with many invitees arranging their schedules to participate. We can give you the tech-speak ("fault-tolerant", "redundant", etc.), but our engineers work continuously to improve our end-to-end quality and reliability. Our conferencing system has performed to our expectations (100% uptime during 2014 and 2015), but all conference providers are vulnerable to defects and outages in the phone and data networks that connect your callers into our system. We source our dial-in numbers from multiple high-quality phone companies and have redundant data connections into our multiple data centers, so that there is always an alternative path for your callers to reach your conference calls. If there are known issues that could affect your calls, we report them on our System Status page.

Easy. Set It and Go.

While TurboBridge offers many tools to secure your conferences, most of our customers prefer the easy approach. When you establish your TurboBridge account, you select a dial-in number and Conference ID code, which you provide to your guests. You don't have to pre-schedule anything with us – your conference bridge is available 24x7. When callers dial-in, they are prompted to enter your Conference ID, and get placed into your "private room". That's all there is to it! (With our Custom Number option, you get a dedicated dial-in number, so callers wouldn't even need to enter a code.) You can use the same dial-in number and Conference ID for all your calls.

We Treat You Like You Matter.

We're a small partnership, and our livelihood requires satisfied, loyal customers. When you call us, you're talking to one of the partners, so you can expect courteous and knowledgeable assistance – and you'll never get tossed into the maze of an automated system. Since TurboBridge launched in 2009, we have not increased prices for a single customer, and most long-term customers now pay less, since our growth has allowed us to negotiate lower supplier costs which has been passed through in lower prices. Furthermore, we periodically review customer usage, and reach out to those who would benefit by switching to a different pricing plan. Most of all, we believe in being fair, transparent, and respectful – it's our privilege to serve you.

Powerful Web Tools.

We put easy-to-use tools in your hands, allowing you to fully manage your conference account and live conference calls. Most of our customers never have to speak with us – you can sign-up online, create and edit conference bridges, monitor and manage live conferences, update payment methods and billing plans, retrieve invoices, call detail reports, and conference recordings, and even cancel your account via our website. All these tools are included at no extra charge. However, you don't need to use any of them – you can host conference calls without a computer, and we'll email your monthly invoice to you, so it's not essential to actively manage your account online.

You've Got Nothing To Lose.

Get started risk-free – if you are not 100% satisfied with TurboBridge, just contact us within the first 30 days and we will refund your monthly service fee, plus up to $25 in usage charges. With the pay-as-you go Value Plan, there's no fee to get started. You can cancel any time. We're so confident you will enjoy the service that we provide an unconditional money back guarantee. At any point, if you experience a problem with our service, we will do our best to make it right!

Create Your Unique Solution

TurboBridge offers a variety of options to meet your conferencing requirements.

  • Flat Rate or Usage Pricing
    Whether you have a one-time need or regular daily conferences, you can choose a pricing plan that fits your budget and delivers the industry's best value.
  • More Ways to Connect
    With 200+ local USA dial-in numbers, 100+ dial-in numbers in cities around the world, toll-free access in the USA, UK, and Canada, plus options to connect via the Internet, you can extend your reach worldwide without costing a fortune.
  • Easily Configurable Settings
    Hosts can adapt the conference settings to the situation, whether hosting a large teleseminar or 3-party status call. You can specify extra security to prevent unauthorized participation.
  • Real-time Conference Controls
    Manage audience participation with live call controls from your phone keypad, tablet or computer.
  • Flexible Account Management
    Create customizable conference lines for each employee or department, and allow multiple administrators to manage your corporate account
  • Promote Your Local Connection
    Get a custom-branded local dial-in number, with a professionally-recorded greeting.