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Provide Audio Conferencing To Your Customers

TurboBridge provides easy, low-cost, and quick-to-launch options to add audio conferencing to your product portfolio. You can license our technology to run in your data center, or we can host your service on our servers. Unlike most other conferencing providers, we built our own communications server, and can easily customize a solution to suit your needs.

Hosted Solutions

Private Label Solution.   You can offer a standalone audio conferencing service under your brand, hosted on our platform. You can customize the experience for your subscribers with your own branded announcements, and use our standard APIs to manage your subscriber accounts. You pay for any custom development, plus monthly fees for use of our platform. You can be offering conferencing to your subscribers within weeks, not months.

Integrated Custom Solution.   We can help you integrate an audio conferencing component into your application, with our custom solutions. For example, you can incorporate an audio conferencing feature into your web conferencing or web seminar application, using dial-in phone access or online voice-over-IP technology. Our toolkit allows you to create, control, and delete conference bridges upon demand, and retrieve call detail records for your own reporting and billing purposes.

Licensed Solutions

Conference Server.   You can license our audio conferencing software to run on your own servers. You can use our standard APIs to customize the service to suit your needs. With this option, telephony providers can use their existing infrastructure to provide dial-in or SIP conferencing solutions to subscribers.

Custom Integration.   Through our affiliation with Telurix, we can customize a software solution to operate on your platform, incorporating audio conferencing and other communications or messaging features into your applications.

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Partnering with TurboBridge

Hosted Solutions

  • Private Label Solution – Offer audio conferencing under your brand to your subscribers.
  • Integrated Conferencing Solution – Incorporate audio conferencing into your application.

Licensed Solutions

  • Conference Server – Operate your own conferencing service.
  • Custom Integration – Software toolkit to integrate conferencing into your application.

The TurboBridge API can be used to:

  • Create – Manage conference bridges and settings.
  • Control – Control in-progress conferences.
  • Retrieve – Download call detail records for billing.
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