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Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Custom Number Option

Tailored to Suit Your Needs – Only $10/month

TurboBridge gives you the option to distribute a codeless, private conference dial-in number, customized with your own personal welcome greeting.

Instead of using TurboBridge's shared dial-in numbers, your callers can join your conference calls by dialing a phone number established for your exclusive use. Your custom number can be either a regular toll dial-in number (where callers would pay their own long distance charges) or a toll-free number. Callers would be greeted with your own personalized welcome announcement. You may provide a greeting script for us to professionally record, or provide us with your own welcome recording.

You pay just $10 extra per month for a custom dial-in number.

You may use your private dial-in number for multiple conference bridges or even across multiple accounts. Alternatively, you can link the dial-in number to a specific conference bridge, and have all callers entered directly into your conference call without needing to enter the Conference ID. That's one less number for you to distribute, one less number for them to remember, and several less keystrokes!

If you are already a TurboBridge subscriber, call us at 1-888-666-3620 to add a Custom Number. Otherwise, click on one of boxes at right, and we'll contact you after you sign-up to customize your service. (More information on the Pricing Plans can be found on the Plans & Pricing page.)

Customize the Experience

All this, for just $10 extra per month:

  • Private Dial-In Numbers – Your own conference dial-in number.
  • Personalized Welcome Greeting – Provide your own recorded greeting for conference participants.
  • Quick Connect – Option to remove the Conference ID prompt. Callers can join your conference call immediately, without needing extra codes.